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Welcome to 2023! Lunar Organics want to thank you for your support through the year 2022 and we all look forward to seeing what this year brings to all of us.

How do you want your year 2023 to be? Lunar Organics is striving to bring healthy organics and sustainable lifestyles to you. Cold, Flu, Covid like symptoms are all around us. We recommend you take a proactive approach to your healthier lifestyle. Because we only have ONE LIFE and ONE BODY to cherish. There are some things I personally have tried and produced positive results during the tough season fighting back sickness around me. I would love to share the information today.

  1. Drinking Anti-inflammation tea daily.

This one hit a homerun! Who knows simply drinking anti inflammation tea could help getting over the nasty symptoms from flu/ covid / cold faster and effectively? Can you get sore throat easily? Try organic Anti – inflammation tea every day. Ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, rose buds, black pepper, basil, green teas are all known as anti-inflammatory. Blend of anti-inflammatory tea eases your symptoms and stop from worsening the condition. I avoided to go see a doctor when I had a beginning of having a sore throat. Lunar Organics carries global teas for you. There are many wellnesses selection of teas to help you to stay healthy!

  • Drinking coconut water

Coconut water contains high levels of Electrolyte, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Hydrating during the wintertime is a must! You cannot jeopardize your skin and body condition but feed them good and essential items to stay functional and strong bone health as well. You can read more about it Health Benefits and Risks of Coconut Water (

  • Wash hands

Simple acts such as washing hands can avoid major sickness. Easy enough?

  • Get good night sleeps

Without interruption of good night sleep is a key to maintain healthy mental and body condition.  I take Lunar Organics Organics Mandarin Orange 1800 mg CBD dropper everyday to condition myself. It helps you to up your immune system and enhance your endocannabinoid system in your body. Study shows CBD could enhance your sleep. for more products information.  

I hope you enjoyed reading the post! If you have any questions regarding to our products, contact us at or visit our website! Lets have a wonderful year together!

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