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Good vibes only… is it such a thing?

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Good vibes only. Prase have seen all over social media hashtags and perhaps your friends carry, and sport fashion slogan on many merchandises. Good vibes is a slang for the positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation. Where does good vibes come from?

Good vibrations used in metaphysical sense for positive energy. Phrase has popularized by subcultures such as surfing, bohemian and hippies over the years. I believe in good vibes, bad vibes growing up in traditional Japanese cultural environment where my grandmother was very intuitive individual who sensed such a thing.

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Brian Weiss who published series of books such as Many Masters Many Spirits shares the ideas of all humans are energy forms and how our existence in this lifetime are all reflections of our past experiences and consequences. You may feel a little skeptical of the idea, but as much as our entire human existence are full of mysteries, might as well start exploring the concept.

Most of my intuitive highly connected friends are able to sense metaphysical sense of energy whether it’s good ones or bad ones. Interesting truth is that everyone projects some kind of sense of energy, and some even has ability to see the color of aura one carries. It is a simply a gift. Some has it and some doesn’t. It is that simple.

Recent years we have seen energy healing and holistic trend have become popular including crystals, reiki healing, sound healing, celestial matters are saturating its market. I always encourage our customers to rely on their instinct when it comes to choosing the right one to pick (crystals, jewelries, or any merchandises we carry) because these items usually pick YOU for reasons either your subconscious mind attracted to certain vibrations or sense of energy off of the object.

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