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Do you know where our signature beautiful leather goods come from?

Tetouan, Morrocco! A mecca of artisan leather works. Let’s find out what Tetouan and Moroccan leather is all about!

Tetouan Morocco is famous for beautiful premium leather works in the world.
Founded in the 15th century by Muslim and Jewish refugees fleeing Christian
Andalusia and then later occupied by the Spanish for almost two centuries,
Tetouan’s history reflects the true multicultural nature of Morocco. And this history
comes alive today in the city’s architecture, shops, restaurants, arts, culture,
museums and monuments.
In the 1990s and 2000s, Tetouan’s poor reputation for its conmen and a deteriorating
medina meant that the city was almost empty of outside visitors. Fortunately, in
more recent years Tetouan has been practically reborn with much needed
restorations and a new, more welcoming atmosphere that you will want to
Here are information about Moroccan leather:,Miscella

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