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Welcome to Lunar Organics vol.1

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I am so excited to introduce Lunar Organics company to you. The company is a woman owned, operated and all women staff located in North Platte, NE! Lunar Organics focuses to bring you high quality CBD products, global tea selection, sustainable, ecofriendly and unique fair-trade imports from all over the world. We want you to know your health is important as well as mother earth we live in. It is our passion to take a part in improving sustainable lifestyle.

Growing up in Japan, Eastern medicines and holistic approaches to our health mending were very common practice among us. Lunar Organics channels in holistic approaches to our modern takes in CBD industry. Our high-quality organic CBD products are carefully harvested from the soil of hemp plants grow in non-patricide environment, so we can ensure to produce NON-Gluten, GMO Free, Vegan and Certified USDA Organic products to our customers. My dad is a big believer of our products too! He is a professional potter suffers arthritis in various spots. He just absolutely loves supplements and salve and believes in benefits of CBDs.

One thing we are focusing as a company is to educate our community and health care professionals with information about CBDs and CBD related topics including State of Nebraska regulation regarding CBDs. Knowledge is Power. Balancing our Body, Mind & Soul is important and that’s why Lunar Organics was born. A mysterious cat face represents my brand…Her name is Luna, my beloved cat whose face symbolizes sun and moon. She is an intuitive being and share the joys of life with me and my partner. Lunar Organics wants to open for everyone including your fur family members. Our signature pet CBD supplies are also available online and at the shop.

I hope you enjoy our carefully crafted high quality CBD products. Please visit our website and make your happy purchase today. Our staff are all knowledgeable so don’t hesitate to reach us at 308-252-1085 or via website for any of your questions and concerns.

Life is too short, so let’s live life to the fullest with good intention. I will be sending abondance of love and positive thoughts your way!

Thank you.


Lunar Organics


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